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Thursday, November 27, 2008

On all fours, Bath, & Thanksgiving

I begin this blog by giving thanks to God who has surrounded me with such special people. I'm amazed that I'm able to share our God given creation, with my husband Derrick, and all of our families and friends. I'm thankful to be alive and I'm gracious that God has given me this day to continue on with those I love.

Over the week, Macey got a new toy! Little girl loves to be in on the action, so, laying down and playing with toys isn't too much fun lately. She loves to be up and around a familiar face to look at.

My big girl is trying soo hard to crawl! I was able to get some pics of her on, "All Fours." I love it.

She also got a big girl bath. I love washing her little delicate body.

I attached some pics of chubby in our bed. I love to put her in bed with us when she wakes up in the morning. There's nothing like snuggling up to that sweet breath and soft skin.

Lastly, here are pics from Thanksgiving at my mom's. Cam and Macey both sported their turkey shirts! Ashley made Macey's, and I made the pants. They were both little dolls, all dolled up.
My eyes are nearly closed in the first pic of me and Mace. BUT, look at her smile! She looks so grown; momma's girl.

Mr. D had to work; I'm sad when he misses holidays, but he knows we love him very much, and I know he misses us as well.

I hope everyone had a safe, and fun holiday. NOW, bring on Christmas!