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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where have I been?

Where have I been, you might be asking! Let me recap what's been going on over here! First off, I have taken some pics, but they're on my phone and I don't feel like sending them to my computer, blah, blah, blah.

SO, we are getting over sickness' in this household. I had strep (AGAIN), and Tanner & Macey have been on breathing treatments and Macey finished a round of Amoxicilin for a red ear...... So $140.00 later, things are starting to look up (I hate to even type that. I'm afraid of jinxing myself.)

Taren, Camdyn, Macey, & myself went and saw Elmo last weekend! The girls had so much fun, and Macey talked and talked about it all week long! She says she wants to go see Dora next!

I thought I'd never say this, but Education is a scary place right now. I never thought I'd be worried about job security, but that's the case in Texas. Building on our land is at a stand still until we find out how next year will look.

Lastly, I've really been working on expanding Emby. I feel like I have a certain look that I want, and I love being able to create it. Some have asked, and EMBY stands for (M.B.) My initials, or Macey's initials. We are both MCB's :)

That's about it! I've missed blogging, but been a little lazy with not wanting to add pics to the blog. I will leave you with this.
I found a new blog that I adore and she made this wreath! I love it's simplicity and it screams, "SPRING!" Check out, A Pretty Life in the Suburbs on my side bar.
I spotted these mushrooms at PIER ONE and I so wanted to get them for some Easter pics. They also had some great moss covered rabbits. I'm in love :)