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Monday, October 27, 2008

Over the weekend....

Wow! I ran out of time to post everything that we did, and so much went on! On Friday, we went to the Lakepointe Fall Festival, where the girls rode some rides, and I stuffed my face with funnel cake! Saturday, Macey and I went with Aunt Taren and Cam to Sam Moon's and I found great necklaces, a ring, some bows for Macey, and I could have bought sooo much more!! Saturday night, I made Macey a bow holder. I'm trying to decide whether I want to create some more to sell! Sunday, we went to church and ate at D's mom's for lunch. I'm still trying to catch up on laundry, etc. I wanted to post pics of Macey in her, "Witch" stockings and fall onesie, her morning pics before heading to Ms. Ashley's, our new bow holder!!, the girls on our haybell, Mace in her bed, listening to her music.....
I still need to put laundry into the dryer! Once again, I'm running out of time.
The last pic is Macey in her halloween costume! It's so hilarious; I can't wait until Thursday. Gotta go!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Stars & Stripes are big and bright......

I'm so in love with this cowboy/drill team hat! :)
I spotted this at the fair last weekend, but hubby wouldn't let me get it :(
We had to save our money for all of the tickets we needed for 2 whole rides! Tay ended up going yesterday and Nana,(my mom,)ended up offering to buy it for her! Yes, I know that she can't wear it until she's 10, but that's beside the point! It's so dang cute and will look just as cute hanging on her wall. Plus, every Texas girl needs a drill team, I mean, Cowboy hat :) I have huge aspirations for M. Every bit of it includes dance and The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, etc.!!!
That's why she needed the hat!!

Saturday, we didn't have the girls, so Derrick, Macey, and I hung out. I made waffles and then we cleaned, danced around, and Derrick and I got ready for our date night!! Our anniversary was Wednesday, so we celebrated last night. Macey stayed with her Nana, while we went and ate sushi, (our favorite!!) I wanted to go see "Night in Rodanthe," but changed my mind. Instead, we saw, "Quarantine." It was SCARYYYYYY!!! Needless to say, I got to hug up on my hubby all night!

Today, Macey sported her, "leg warmers." I took a few pics of her in her jump and go, and then taking a nap. We went to my mom's for hamburgers, and Macey was all dolled up with her new leopard headband and bow from Canton! I love dressing that sweet angel up.
Enjoy your week!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkins, Ponies, and the Fair!

This weekend was SUPER busy! Saturday, we started off the day with a big breakfast! I even cooked eggs and pancakes!! D made some bacon! That afternoon, we headed to the pumpkin patch to get a haybell and some pumpkins. We had the girls take some pics and they even got their faces painted. I plan on going back to take some more pics of Macey in her halloween outfit.
After that, we had a b-day party to attend. The girls rode pony's and of course, they had to put on their pink boots! They had a blast!

Sunday, we headed to the fair. Before we left, Macey had to wear her little halloween onesie that Derrick's Aunt made for her! She was a scary little pumpkin :)
She ended up staying with her NaNa while we were gone.

At the fair, we didn't eat much so we could ride a couple of rides! For the four of us, that totalled up like 8,000 tickets :) We rode the Crazy Mouse, and the Sky Way. The girls rode 2 other little rides. We stopped to look in at the new cars as well. I was dreaming most of the time. I sat in the Ford Flex, (oh I wish,)peaked in at the Jeep (yea right,) and my ultimate dream, the Chev. Tahoe (yea, whatever.) I did manage to get a pic of D in a red Ford; He's wishin' as well!!
I almost forgot to mention that Kendall participated in the, "Pee Wee Rodeo." She got second place in the barrel racing contest! She's so not a cowgirl, but she sure is purty!

Last but not least, I guess we're voting with the minority. Go McCain!

Friday, October 10, 2008

New outfits!

I'm so excited! 2 outfits I purchased online finally came in today! I paired each outfit with some leggings I already have. I can't wait to take pics of Macey in the onesie for Halloween/Thanksgiving! I LOVE the hot pink and brown dress too!!!

Tonight, we had a Mommy/Daughter night since Da-Da is at the fire station. We ran some errands and I made a poor attempt to create a onesie after I put Macey to sleep. I think it turned out o.k., but I'd much rather let someone else make me a cute onesie! (Hint Hint, Taren and Ashley!)

I took some pics of my piggy hanging out on our clean laundry, (that I needed to put away of course,) and I caught her pulling at her feet. The other pics are the outfits I bought and the last is the onesie I made.
Have a great weekend! Pumpkin Patch pics and my haybell,pumpkin decor outside of our house will be coming soon. I might just have to add a pic of our political sign too... McCain & Palin!!!

The onesie I made!