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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Allergic Reaction

For the second time, my baby has had a reaction to peanuts. The first time, I fed her a sandwich and she had a localized reaction around her mouth. We noticed a red rash, but nothing else serious.

Friday, we think she possibly touched a peanut butter sandwich and then rubbed her eyes. She looked like a completely different child :( Poor baby. Her eyes were so swollen and the right one was almost swollen shut. Is it possible that the allergic reaction can get worse as she gets older? If so, very scary.....
We now have epi pens in case this ever happens again.

Today, I took pics of her for her birthday invites. Here's a sneak peek below of one of her outfits she wore :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sweet Girl

Today, my sweet niece and our favorite cousin, Camdyn, is 2!!!!
Happy Birthday Camdyn!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's a......


Dear Tanner Chase,

Because I wrote your name down, Daddy has to stick to it :)
During your ultrasound, you were soooo rowdy. The technician asked you to be still, so she could get a good look at you! Your little brain, heart, tummy, spine, etc. looks great and we saw all 10 fingers. You were laying on your back, then you switched and faced down for a bit. It even looked as if you stood up in my belly. You currently weigh 8 oz.!

PLEASE stay healthy, and strong. I will feed you well, talk to you often, and love you unconditionally every single day until we meet in Sept. I love you so very much and I pray that God watches over you, your sissy, and us. I can't wait to hold you!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Terrible Two's/Spring/Books/Dora/Food

How can someone this sweet cause me so much heartache? :) We've definitely hit the "terrible two's," and I've consulted many websites, prayer, parents,and books regarding how to exactly handle this sweet baby and her growing mood changes :)

According to
No one looks forward to the terrible twos, a developmental stage that usually begins sometime in the toddler years.
Although many parents don't expect the terrible twos to start until their toddler is two years old, it is important to note that it can begin anytime during your child's second year, and so anytime after their first birthday, and unfortunately, sometimes even before.
Characterized by toddlers being negative about most things and often saying 'no', the terrible twos may also find your toddler having frequent mood changes and temper tantrums.

Other than dealing with sassy pants, we have had a great weekend planting and making our yard look beautiful! I'm also definitely "nesting." My mind is going in a hundred directions to try and plan for Macey's b-day party, summer transitions & baby arrival in Sept. I'd also like to fix up the back yard. Can I have a loan?

Bday: This years theme is "Macey's Sweet Shoppe." We are doing a Shabby Chic theme with glass containers of "sweets." Outside, we're having a snowcone machine. It will be so fun!
For her birthday, I want to get her a pottery barn chair and art easel too.

Summer Transition: Macey will move to a toddler bed and potty training will be in full force. Once I'm out of school, I can focus on both whole heartedly.

Baby Arrival: Armoire for clothes, paint? baby bedding. Make Macey a "play room" as well.

WOW! SO much to do (and pay for! :)

Pics below: Pretty Macey, Our pretty landscaping, Angie Smith's new book (so excited to read) Tacky Dora Hat (and putting on my shoes) and what would a pregnany woman do with out her hubby's homemade donuts and sushi!

Have a great week! Tuesday, please pray for a HEALTHY baby! Gender will also hopefully be revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Here are pics from our Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Sunday. After realizing I only two took pics on Easter Sunday, I'm upset with myself. I look on other blogs and see all of the great family pics, etc. and I could kick myself for being so selfish.....I was a bit frazzled Sunday morning, trying to get myself dressed, and three girls. After rushing and finally getting to church, I was able to sit and enjoy the sermon. I left during the invocation to get Miss Macey so we could take pics in the flowers. She wanted me to hold her the entire time, so once she wouldn't cooperate, I gave up.

I realize how I pass through life too quickly, and I need to take a step back and enjoy all of these moments. I can't get them back, so I need to learn to go with the flow. With baby #2 on the way, I need to take a "chill pill" and just love life more. I think these pregnancy hormones are getting the best of me :)

Dear Baby #2,
I love you. I may not talk to you as much right now, or rub my belly enough, but you are loved. Your sissy is pretty demanding right now with her sassy ways, and at night, I'm so dang tired, and just want to relax. Your mommy feels guilty about not showing you enough attention, and I want to apologize. Please love me anyway :)

Have a blessed week!

The girls relaxing in the chair!

Easter Egg Hunt Pics

Easter Toes!