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Monday, November 22, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.....

Today is Oprah's Part 2 of her favorite things! Here are some of my favorite things! :)

Freeze It hairspray! It says it will hold up in any weather! I use this now, compared to my 15.00 brand I've been getting. It also give my blonde hair some "shimmer." Cost: 4.99

Pssst Dry Shampoo. This has baby powder in it, and works really well on hair that needs to be refreshed, without washing it. I've used baby powder too.

You Curl It! This curling iron is amazing! I used it for the girls hair for pictures. Just point the curling iron down, and wrap hair around it. Smaller pieces for tighter curls, vice versa.

Crest 3D! I had to go 9 months without whitening my teeth! I went through withdrawals, but continued using this toothpaste. Bring on the white strips!

Physicians Formula Bronzer. I'm addicted to this! I apply this to my nose and eyes for a sun-kissed look. I wear this year round.

Rimmel Bronzer. I'm addicted to this as well. I apply to my nose, cheeks, and forehead. Be careful though. You can look like Snooki from the Jersey Shore if you apply too much :)

Love 21. I love this line at Forever 21. It's everything girly and ruffley. I'm crazy about ruffles.

Spanx. I just bought the WALMART version of the tank-top/tummy spanx. After having a baby, I need all the help I can get.

Corral Boots. I love the distressed look of these boots. I'm getting a pair for Christmas and I'm sooo excited.

Burberry Original. I've worn this forever, and I'll never switch to another perfume. It's my obsession.

Guiliana and Bill. I'm crazy about this show on STYLE. They seem like the most down to earth, and normal couple. I LOVE them!

Police Women of Dallas. This show doesn't portray some of Dallas' citizens in the greatest light, but I'm always watching to see if I see my husband on an episode. Most of the stories take place in the area that he works!

Sarah Palin's Alaska. This short documentary on TLC is a current fav. I'm one of the one's who really does like Sarah. I will admit that she can be a bit silly some times, but I really do think she's genuine, and something about her, I like.

George Bush. Decision Points. Lastly, I want this book.

Notice: There are no electronics featured. I'm so out of touch.
What are your favorites? :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Catch up!

I'm a bit behind, and now I'm playing catch up! So, lots of posts in one day!
We've been busy with Kendall's birthday, life in general, and now, Thanksgiving is upon us. I went to Macey's school yesterday and spent lunch with her while her class had their Thanksgiving feast!

Lastly, today is Oprah's part one of her FAVORITE THINGS! The Vanilla Tulip
recently did her favorite things, so I wanted to join in as well. I can tend to overlook new products, etc., until someone brings my attention to them. Be looking for the post... MY FAVORITE THINGS!!!!

At Chuck E Cheese for Kendall's birthday!

Going to Mother's Day Out for her Thanksgiving Feast!

Sitting w/ daddy!

Sissy and Bubby hanging out in sissy's room!

Being silly!

Makeover @ 7 weeks

2 posts in one day!!

When Tanner was born, he had a head full of dark hair! With Macey, she had quite a bit as well, but hers fell out. His, not so much. As you can see in the before shots, it's so crazy, and hung over his ears. We had to give the poor thing a good makeover (aka, buzz cut.) He's so pretty! :)



Halloween 2010

Here are pics from Halloween this year! We had a spicy pumpkin, a pumpkin princess, a sassy witch, and a newborn pumpkin!
We wore our costume to Mother's Day Out, Halloween party at Cammy's with friends, and Halloween night with Cammy!

Going to Mother's Day out!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:

I'm unable to link it up on blogger, so copy and paste link into the search bar for more details!

How could anyone pass up this offer! Over the past two years, I have purchased our 2008 & 2009 family Christmas cards from Shutterfly! The quality of their cards have always been great! Their selection is awesome! They have so many different cards to choose from. This year, I'm looking for a card that has a bigger family photo with a number of smaller ones around it. After taking family pics, there's so many pictures to choose from, and shutterfly offers the option of choosing one picture or up to 6 pictures!!! Last year, I chose a matte finish for our card. In 2009, I chose a glossy finish for a dressier look. Which one is my fav., I don't know! With the type of pictures we took this year, I will probably choose a matte finish, since our pics are kind of earthy, and woodsy.

Shutterfly offers great discounts as well. Offers include free shipping, 20% off, and of course, free holiday cards!!!!!

Since I've uploaded my cards with them in previous years, I'm still able to see what I did for my 2008 & 2009 Christmas card! It's a great way to look back at what kind of pictures I chose, and color schemes. Now, for 2010, I know what kind of look I want and what I have/haven't done already!

For both years, I have chosen a red flat card, but I'm loving their brown and turquoise choices, and I may possibly consider a folded card. I'd also like our card to say, "Merry Christmas," as opposed to "Happy Holidays." I want the spirit of Christmas to shine through, and Shutterfly offers one of my favorite cards with both sayings!!!! What great versatility!

Here are some of the cards I love!

Finally, Shutterfly offers photo books, and "wall art," as well. You can turn your favorite picture into canvas art. How beautiful! Take a look at their website! The options are endless!!

Merry Christmas! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I just filled out the form to receive 50 free Christmas cards!!!! I can't wait to get my e-mail, post about them, and then finally order my 2010 Christmas cards!

Looking at these two, I've already received my Christmas presents! :)