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Saturday, February 20, 2010


I need some much needed relaxation because I've been dealing with A LOT of nausea and headaches this past week. I'm thinking a cruise would hit the spot. I'm dying to go on another one this Summer. You can't get any better than a cruise!

Finally, (knocking on wood,) the nausea has subsided, and the headaches are gone. At my doctor's appt. on Monday, little baby had a heartbeat of 179 and 9 weeks exactly. Stay healthy and strong, sweet baby.

I sit here tonight, with my sweetie pie in bed, and hubby at work, in my favorite spot (the couch.) I'm relaxing with my computer on my lap, remote and cell phone close by, and I can't help but love watching Julie & Julia. This movie is soo refreshing and relaxing. They had such a passion for something they're good at.

I've got food on the brain now, and I'm wanting to find some good recipes and my mind is in "Italian" and "Seafood" mode. I'm dreaming of:

1. Marinara/Alfredo creamy dipping bread sauce
2. Cream with white wine sauce

3. Tortellini or cheese raviolli with white wine and cream sauce
4. Coconut crusted shrimp.

5. Lobster or crab with delicious butter. (I don't know the difference between the two. Which one is better?)
6. Chicken breasts with lemon & white wine sauce with angel hair pasta (I'm dreaming of cheesecake factory)

This is the end of my post. I hope you're hungry :)

Pics to come..... My new tahoe!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Today is Valentine's Day! I got my two loves a little gift to express my love for them! I got Macey a little lime green frog holding a pink heart! Nana & Papa got her an Elmo Valentine book!
For Daddy D, I got him some Very Sexy aftershave to spritz on after a shower, and a customized mug with all of his lieutenant pics I secretly took. Of course, the mug came in the mail, and he opened it before I could tell him, "If a package comes in the mail for me, don't open it." Oh well!

On another note, I've been wanting to do my "simple pleasure" post, so I'll do "Simple things I love," to fit in with the Valentine's theme.

1. A sweet kiss & hug!
2. A human heater in my bed when it's cold! :)
3. Text Messages!
4. Packages in the mail!
5. Great coupons to our favorite restaurants!
6. A full tank of gas!
7. Freshly vaccumed carpet!
8. A warm cooked meal!
9. A good hair day!
10.A full glass of sweet tea!
11. Straws!
12. Finding quarters in the dryer!
13. Green lights!
14. Ruffles on shirts!
15. A refrigerator stocked with Soy Milk!
16. A bowl of fresh guacamole!
17. Cinnamon & Sugar!
18. Box fans!
19. Freshly done highlighted hair!
20. A saved show on DVR!

If Macey could write her own "simple loves" in her life, she would write:

Mommy, Daddy, sissy's, all of her other family members, friends, blankie, elmo, baby, froggie, elmo, barney, mickey, juice, milk, books, etc.

Looking at her friends!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Friday, February 12, 2010


Snow in TEXAS!!!! We've had a great day playing in the snow! We made a snow man this morning, and then went to McDonald's for a little play time while we ate, and they played. They ate, they played. With this pregnancy, I'm hungry quite often, but kind of picky. Some things sound really good, and some things don't. Chicken Nuggets were really good at lunch :) After that, we rode around, looking at all the snow and snowmen, and then headed home to rest. Derrick made us Snow Icecream! It was so delicious and tasted just like homemade icecream! For Dinner, I had planned on making Shrimp Pasta, but it didn't sound soo yummy, so we ate SUSHI. Eating out two times in one day is not good, but this baby has a full belly.

On another note, Derrick and I are having to change our goals since the possibility of another little being is about to make our family of 5 become a family of 6. He's been shopping around for some deals for a bigger, used, SUV. So, the farm will have to wait. This SUV pictured is my "dream" car, but I will get what I get, and I won't throw a fit! :)

Here are some pics from Macey and Cam coloring one weekend. They are sweet together, and I love to see how they interact together! I didn't take many pics, but here's a picture from our V-day party at our house, and the great snow that covered Rockwall! Also, a neighbor sculpted a Snow Angel. Isn't she beautiful!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

2 posts in one night

Make sure to check post below. It's a shocker :)

Now, for the good stuff! Taren's b-day is tomorrow! Feb. 7th!
Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my sweet Sissy! I love you very much and I look forward to sharing many more years with you and your sweet baby girl.
I hope you have a wonderful b-day, and I have a good little present for you that you'll have to post!I love you!

How is it possible to look this fabulous all the time? "You look like model"

Seeing double

With much shock, this appeared.

If God willing, Approx. due date, Sept.12.
I'm thinking BOY :)