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Friday, February 12, 2010


Snow in TEXAS!!!! We've had a great day playing in the snow! We made a snow man this morning, and then went to McDonald's for a little play time while we ate, and they played. They ate, they played. With this pregnancy, I'm hungry quite often, but kind of picky. Some things sound really good, and some things don't. Chicken Nuggets were really good at lunch :) After that, we rode around, looking at all the snow and snowmen, and then headed home to rest. Derrick made us Snow Icecream! It was so delicious and tasted just like homemade icecream! For Dinner, I had planned on making Shrimp Pasta, but it didn't sound soo yummy, so we ate SUSHI. Eating out two times in one day is not good, but this baby has a full belly.

On another note, Derrick and I are having to change our goals since the possibility of another little being is about to make our family of 5 become a family of 6. He's been shopping around for some deals for a bigger, used, SUV. So, the farm will have to wait. This SUV pictured is my "dream" car, but I will get what I get, and I won't throw a fit! :)

Here are some pics from Macey and Cam coloring one weekend. They are sweet together, and I love to see how they interact together! I didn't take many pics, but here's a picture from our V-day party at our house, and the great snow that covered Rockwall! Also, a neighbor sculpted a Snow Angel. Isn't she beautiful!



Taren said...

I LOVE the pictures of my 2 favorite girls! Also, seriously?? someone made that figure of you? :) That's crazy! Somone living around you has some TaLeNt!
Cam will be seeing you bright and early...I was telling her all about it tonight before bed!

Amanda said...

Love the pictures! I love those sweet girls. :)