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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Camera MIA

I lost my camera at a football game two weeks ago. So, I guess I won't be posting for awhile :(
When I will ever get another one, I don't know.

School just started back, and football season has just begun. I hope to borrow someone's camera and post pics of Macey at the games, etc.

Have a great week.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Last vacay

Last week, we took our last family vacay for Summer 2009. We had fun playing on the beach, sitting in the water, and sharing cherry snowcones. We also ate some of the best desserts and food at The Purple Cow, and Babes.
I love my summers with my baby girl now. I'm going to miss my BFF when school starts.

On Aug. 6th, my other BFF turned 35. He thinks he's such an old man, and at times, I agree :) He is absolutely the smartest man I've ever met, and I'm lucky that my life is in his hands. He's extremely witty, and even though he's not romantic, I love his practicality most of the time :)

Enjoy the pics.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Yesterday, all of us went to The Harbor to eat and enjoy the scenery. Lukily, the rain blew over, so it was a cool, breezy night! We all ate at Dodies and then enjoyed some time by the water. Haley and Kendall ran through the fountains too.
P.S. Taren made Cam's outfit. Unbelievably adorable!

The previous night, Derrick was working, so me and Mace had a mommy/daughter night out for Thai! It was delicious! She enjoyed some turkey sticks, carrots, corn, vegetable crackers, cheese, and rice! I enjoyed chicken, spinach, and brocolli in a spicy red curry with steamed rice and egg rolls! YUMMY!!!!!

The pics below are Macey's first pigtails. I've been debating on whether to get her ears pierced because I feel her outfits aren't complete without a beautiful bow and she REFUSES to keep a bow in. I'm devastated :)
Also, Macey is OBSESSED with her sisters. Wherever she is, they are. Wherever they are, she is. This is no exception when they're out playing with their friend, Maddy, across the street. See pic below :)

Looking toward the week, I'm so excited! Tomorrow, I have a cheer camp in the morning, and then Derrick and I may go see a movie! Tuesday, our family of 5 is leaving for Granbury's Hilton Garden Inn to enjoy some time on it's own beach area and then eat at BABES that night! Wednesday is Daddy D's birthday and Thursday, we're going to get massages together, and dinner at Logan's Roadhouse with Macey!
2 more weeks until inservice! YIKES!!!!!

Have a great week!