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A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps

Monday, January 2, 2012


Today, I'm grateful for one last day to spend at home with my babes, before we head back to school tomorrow. We start our morning routines of waking up early, getting dressed for school, grabbing some breakfast and coffee on the way out, and then riding together for our 15 minute drive to school.

I love our morning rides each day.

They usually consist of me sipping on coffee, turning around and looking at my handsome son and pretty daughter, watching Tangled, and telling them just how much I love them, how I will pick them up right after school, and how I hope they have a great day.

My job allows me to have the same schedule as them, and I'm grateful for this profession. Teaching has its ups and down, but that's just like any job. I'm grateful for the following: to only have a 15 minute drive, to have found a nice school for my kids, to work at such a wonderful, to work for the best administration, and simply to be a teacher. There is NO better profession. Thank you GOD for allowing me to continue teaching and spending time with my precious family. Happy 2012

Here is my man at school at the start of new school year!