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Sunday, May 3, 2009

B-DAY picture sneak peek!

I'm glad to see the past week go! We had a dreadful week of TAKS and worries of the Swine Flu. I'm happy that Macey and our friends have been fortunate enough to stay healthy. Lots of fears when you have young ones and the scare of disease going around.

On a happier note, Derrick and I took pics of Macey on Friday for her birthday invitations. I LOVE how they turned out. We were able to use his aunt's camera and I thought they turned out beautiful! On Saturday, we had Cam's birthday party! Everything was so beautiful! Cam's dress was PRECIOUS and Taren had everything very "Martha Stewart-ish." We had such a good time and I can't believe we just celebrated my niece's first b-day. Today, I worked on closets, trying to get summer clothes organized and winter clothes put away. This morning, Derrick made the best breakfast. I had to take a pic! See photo below! YUM!

One of the collages is Macey's "blankie." The girl loves this ducky blanket and as you can see, she carries it around with her, and loves on it.

The other collage is Macey's new gymnast pose. She does it ALL THE TIME. I usually flip her over and she just laughs and laughs.

With this new week approaching, I'm praying for health, safety, and peace.
Have a great MONDAY!