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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day Derrick!

Here are some pics of Macey that I took for Derrick, with his fire helmet. I created a scrapbook page for him to take to the station and I'm going to get a collage of pics together to frame as well.

He is a very loving father, and puts his girls above anything else. He's a spiritual leader, and loves us more than anything. His family is truly his number one priority. He works to make us financially able to spend more time together as a family, and views this as the highest reward he could give us. He loves Macey so much and calls her his, "Buster." He's such a sweet and gentle father and he would rather be home, than anywhere else.

Derrick, I truly love your quirky ways and your ability to put me in the mindset of providing for our family. As you work for me to see scripture and God's intention for us as christians, I thank you for changing me inside and out. I look forward to starting our journey with Dave Ramsey as well! :) HA!!!! I love you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Macey!

I've been really lazy when it comes to wanting to blog. I love that I'm able to have my summer home with my sweet baby and I'm now going to post her b-day pics! Pool and Fathers Day pics coming next!

For her birthday, we surprised her with a little car that she can push or sit on. She lifts that big leg over and tries to sit. She usually gets pushed around via us! That night, we had Haley and Kendall's dance recital and the following weekend, we celebrated her first birthday!!!

Since she was born, we've always called her, "Birdie," or "Bird." So, it was only fitting that we chose a bird and owl theme. Her invites had brown, blue, pink, and mint green polka dots with darling birds and owls on them.

For her party, we cooked hamburgers with delicious baked beans, chips, and drinks. I got a cute birthday table cloth to accent her birthday table. I can also use this every year for her. I baked coconut cupcakes with sprinkled coconut on top and cupcake toppers from ciabambino on etsy. I got pink marshmallows and dipped them in chocolate and added chopped peanuts as well. The pics on the table came from our birthday invite photoshoot (Derrick and I :)
To end the party, guests had the choice of pink or blue cotton candy to leave with, and stickers also from ciabambino.
Macey wore a hot pink ruffled cupcake corset and hot pink tutu. She couldn't have been any cuter! We were so thankful to share her first b-day with friends and family and Macey had a TON of precious gifts and items to enjoy. It couldn't have been any better!

I hope you had a wonderful first b-day my sweet baby girl. You are the love of my life.

Birthday invite pictures

May 30th

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Since school has been out, I've been busy with my little girl turning one! Pics coming soon! I also decided to do Varsity Cheerleading for next year, so I've been off at camp. When I get bored and decide to come back to the "blog" world, I will post! I'm on a blog hiatus for now :)