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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day Derrick!

Here are some pics of Macey that I took for Derrick, with his fire helmet. I created a scrapbook page for him to take to the station and I'm going to get a collage of pics together to frame as well.

He is a very loving father, and puts his girls above anything else. He's a spiritual leader, and loves us more than anything. His family is truly his number one priority. He works to make us financially able to spend more time together as a family, and views this as the highest reward he could give us. He loves Macey so much and calls her his, "Buster." He's such a sweet and gentle father and he would rather be home, than anywhere else.

Derrick, I truly love your quirky ways and your ability to put me in the mindset of providing for our family. As you work for me to see scripture and God's intention for us as christians, I thank you for changing me inside and out. I look forward to starting our journey with Dave Ramsey as well! :) HA!!!! I love you!


jwhitacre said...

You're back! :)

Loved the bday photos...the outfit was so precious!

Loved the fathers day pics also...very very cute. We are starting the Dave Ramsey plan in the fall...I will definitely have to curb my desire to shop for the girls!!! You can relate right? :)

So happy you updated! :)

HowryFamily said...

Haha YAY for Dave Ramsey:) We can "live like no one else so that we can live like no one else" together:) Let's get together in the next day or two... Emma and I are having withdrawals from you two!!!