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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer 2009

I'm sad to see the month of June go by. June has meant a month to celebrate my daughter's first birthday and spend every waking hour with her until August!

During the past month, we've been sleeping in, watching The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together, Handy Manny, sitting in the recliner and rocking together, breakfast, took naps, lunches, swimming at the pool, picnic, swam naked in the backyard (Macey), and shared lots of kisses! etc. This Summer has meant lots of family time with Camdyn and friends as well.

Macey is much like a puppy dog lately as well. If the door opens, she's right there outside. I can't get the girl to come in at night. Derrick and I will mess with the yard and she's just happy as can be pointing at things, yelling at kids, waving bye, etc. I've loved every second being home with her and I can't imagine how I ever lived before without her. Life has never been so good.

Below is a collage of pics of "Sweets" at the Shores Pool, in the back yard, and at the water park by our house. We enjoyed a picnic with the girls as well. If you'll notice, Kendall has on blue sunglasses in one pic. Write it down, she'll be in New York or Hollywood one day. The girl has a niche for fashion and knows how to work it. I LOVE IT!

Other photos are from Haley's b-day celebration with family, Macey's first pony tail, our Summer playdate at Taren's, etc.

Enjoy the end of the week! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

P.S. As the fourth approaches us, I pray for the safety of our troops, and I pray for our government leaders to make the best decisions for our country. Things seem so backwards, and I hope that our leaders look to God for answers.


Messy Eater!!!

Pony Tail!!

June 2009

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