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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011 & Resolutions

Hey there! We had a great Christmas spending Christmas Eve in Highland Park, and Christmas Day at parent's new home. We ate, open gifts, and let the kids play, play, and play.

For New Years, we stayed around the house, got a bit fancy, went and ate Sushi, and Hibachi, and ended the year watching "The Help."

Looking back on 2011:
*I started my own side photography business
*I struggled with being let go from my previous high school, due to budget cuts
*Searched and searched for a teaching position, and a week before school started, my new "teaching home" called :)
*Enrolled Macey and Tanner in a new school
*Tanner began walking at 14 months!

For the upcoming year, I hope to pursue the following goals:
*Take more pictures with my kids
*Read more to Macey and Tanner
*Be a spiritual leader in all aspects of my life
*Lose 10-15 lbs
*Pass the EC-6th grade generalist test
*Expand my knowledge and photography business
*Increase our savings account so we can be debt free :)
*Complete our house plans, sale our house, build a new home
*Teach elementary aged kids
*Enjoy the last year with Macey before she attends Kindergarten!
*Enjoy every moment on this earth with my family, and become a better witness to others