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Monday, August 10, 2009

Last vacay

Last week, we took our last family vacay for Summer 2009. We had fun playing on the beach, sitting in the water, and sharing cherry snowcones. We also ate some of the best desserts and food at The Purple Cow, and Babes.
I love my summers with my baby girl now. I'm going to miss my BFF when school starts.

On Aug. 6th, my other BFF turned 35. He thinks he's such an old man, and at times, I agree :) He is absolutely the smartest man I've ever met, and I'm lucky that my life is in his hands. He's extremely witty, and even though he's not romantic, I love his practicality most of the time :)

Enjoy the pics.


The Barner Bunch said...

I love those BROWN eyes!! What a cute beach beauty!!!! Barrett says hello!

HowryFamily said...

Ahhh!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last 3 pics!!! Those are so funny and sweet! :) love her!

Amanda said...

Could she be any cuter??? Love all the pictures. Glad you all had fun on vacation together! :)

Jennifer said...

Love her little suit! Looks like a fun vaca!