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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Today is Valentine's Day! I got my two loves a little gift to express my love for them! I got Macey a little lime green frog holding a pink heart! Nana & Papa got her an Elmo Valentine book!
For Daddy D, I got him some Very Sexy aftershave to spritz on after a shower, and a customized mug with all of his lieutenant pics I secretly took. Of course, the mug came in the mail, and he opened it before I could tell him, "If a package comes in the mail for me, don't open it." Oh well!

On another note, I've been wanting to do my "simple pleasure" post, so I'll do "Simple things I love," to fit in with the Valentine's theme.

1. A sweet kiss & hug!
2. A human heater in my bed when it's cold! :)
3. Text Messages!
4. Packages in the mail!
5. Great coupons to our favorite restaurants!
6. A full tank of gas!
7. Freshly vaccumed carpet!
8. A warm cooked meal!
9. A good hair day!
10.A full glass of sweet tea!
11. Straws!
12. Finding quarters in the dryer!
13. Green lights!
14. Ruffles on shirts!
15. A refrigerator stocked with Soy Milk!
16. A bowl of fresh guacamole!
17. Cinnamon & Sugar!
18. Box fans!
19. Freshly done highlighted hair!
20. A saved show on DVR!

If Macey could write her own "simple loves" in her life, she would write:

Mommy, Daddy, sissy's, all of her other family members, friends, blankie, elmo, baby, froggie, elmo, barney, mickey, juice, milk, books, etc.

Looking at her friends!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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ji said...

OMG-Congrats!!!! That is such exciting news about being pregnant!!! I'm saying BOY!!!! :)