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Saturday, February 20, 2010


I need some much needed relaxation because I've been dealing with A LOT of nausea and headaches this past week. I'm thinking a cruise would hit the spot. I'm dying to go on another one this Summer. You can't get any better than a cruise!

Finally, (knocking on wood,) the nausea has subsided, and the headaches are gone. At my doctor's appt. on Monday, little baby had a heartbeat of 179 and 9 weeks exactly. Stay healthy and strong, sweet baby.

I sit here tonight, with my sweetie pie in bed, and hubby at work, in my favorite spot (the couch.) I'm relaxing with my computer on my lap, remote and cell phone close by, and I can't help but love watching Julie & Julia. This movie is soo refreshing and relaxing. They had such a passion for something they're good at.

I've got food on the brain now, and I'm wanting to find some good recipes and my mind is in "Italian" and "Seafood" mode. I'm dreaming of:

1. Marinara/Alfredo creamy dipping bread sauce
2. Cream with white wine sauce

3. Tortellini or cheese raviolli with white wine and cream sauce
4. Coconut crusted shrimp.

5. Lobster or crab with delicious butter. (I don't know the difference between the two. Which one is better?)
6. Chicken breasts with lemon & white wine sauce with angel hair pasta (I'm dreaming of cheesecake factory)

This is the end of my post. I hope you're hungry :)

Pics to come..... My new tahoe!


HowryFamily said...

uhhhhhh this post just screams..


hahaha the list of food cracked me up! I love it!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Ashley stole my words...This cracks me up! I was actually reading it at 1 am this morning while I was up with Emerson and thought it was hilarious! I still haven't seen that movie either and am dying to now! Can't wait to see the new tahoe!!!