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Friday, November 19, 2010

Catch up!

I'm a bit behind, and now I'm playing catch up! So, lots of posts in one day!
We've been busy with Kendall's birthday, life in general, and now, Thanksgiving is upon us. I went to Macey's school yesterday and spent lunch with her while her class had their Thanksgiving feast!

Lastly, today is Oprah's part one of her FAVORITE THINGS! The Vanilla Tulip
recently did her favorite things, so I wanted to join in as well. I can tend to overlook new products, etc., until someone brings my attention to them. Be looking for the post... MY FAVORITE THINGS!!!!

At Chuck E Cheese for Kendall's birthday!

Going to Mother's Day Out for her Thanksgiving Feast!

Sitting w/ daddy!

Sissy and Bubby hanging out in sissy's room!

Being silly!

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