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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Here are pics from our Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Sunday. After realizing I only two took pics on Easter Sunday, I'm upset with myself. I look on other blogs and see all of the great family pics, etc. and I could kick myself for being so selfish.....I was a bit frazzled Sunday morning, trying to get myself dressed, and three girls. After rushing and finally getting to church, I was able to sit and enjoy the sermon. I left during the invocation to get Miss Macey so we could take pics in the flowers. She wanted me to hold her the entire time, so once she wouldn't cooperate, I gave up.

I realize how I pass through life too quickly, and I need to take a step back and enjoy all of these moments. I can't get them back, so I need to learn to go with the flow. With baby #2 on the way, I need to take a "chill pill" and just love life more. I think these pregnancy hormones are getting the best of me :)

Dear Baby #2,
I love you. I may not talk to you as much right now, or rub my belly enough, but you are loved. Your sissy is pretty demanding right now with her sassy ways, and at night, I'm so dang tired, and just want to relax. Your mommy feels guilty about not showing you enough attention, and I want to apologize. Please love me anyway :)

Have a blessed week!

The girls relaxing in the chair!

Easter Egg Hunt Pics

Easter Toes!


Taren said...

Forgive me Macey for laughing right now at the last two pictures of you! Your hair looks so sweet and pretty though :) Melissa, you have beat me to the Easter proud of you! That baby boy in your tummy still loves you :) :) :) :)

Amanda said...

Oh Melissa! I had the same guilty feeling when I was pregnant with Emerson. I kept saying that it was different the second time around, but we have to realize that we are busy and not just focusing on "being pregnant". When that baby is born you WILL feel the love and so will "it". :) :) I promise!

Love the pics of Mace...I am not good at taking many pictures either, especially family ones. :(

HowryFamily said...

SEE! I told you Amanda and I both felt the same way!!! It's amazing how much love God gives you to give to BOTH of your babies. Trust me:)

And I agree with Taren...I laughed and laughed at the pic of Macey crying! What's funny is the sissy's both cheesing it up haha!

The Barner Bunch said...

Ha! Poor Macey. She wasn't in the mood to take any pictures. I've become so sick of chasing Barrett around with a camera, that I've just about given up. At Easter, my skirt was little flying up around my head while I was running after in the mist to try and get a decent picture. Whew... Too much effort.
And don't you worry. That baby #2 hears Macey's voice plenty! #2 is getting plenty of attention. He/she will be loved so much.