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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Allergic Reaction

For the second time, my baby has had a reaction to peanuts. The first time, I fed her a sandwich and she had a localized reaction around her mouth. We noticed a red rash, but nothing else serious.

Friday, we think she possibly touched a peanut butter sandwich and then rubbed her eyes. She looked like a completely different child :( Poor baby. Her eyes were so swollen and the right one was almost swollen shut. Is it possible that the allergic reaction can get worse as she gets older? If so, very scary.....
We now have epi pens in case this ever happens again.

Today, I took pics of her for her birthday invites. Here's a sneak peek below of one of her outfits she wore :)


Amanda said...

Oh no!!! I had no idea this happened! Poor baby. :(

Kaci said...

Poor baby...bless her little heart.

Jennifer said...

Poor thing! I love her party outfit! So cute!

Jo Lynn said...

Poor little girl...I bet that was scary.