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Monday, May 3, 2010


I'm in "nesting" mode BIG time. I just turned 20 weeks ( 5 months) and I got the itch to get Macey's playroom organized and furnished, and now my living room is clutter free! My thoughts are now set on finding her toddler bed, and Tanner's nursery.

For her play room, I had to get the following:
Melissa & Doug Easel (birthday gift)
Black Bulletin Board (need to paint "ocean blue.")
Table and chairs (I painted and sanded for a shabby chic look.)
*Waiting on my Dr. Seuss slogan for the wall!

Macey fell off our swing and scraped her face :(
Macey going to church!
Macey at Cam's birthday party! We had SOOO much fun!
Play room pictures
Tanner's room (yet to be designed :)


Amanda said...

Play room looks great! Poor Macey and her scraped face. She has had a rough past few weeks. :( Can't wait to see Tanner's room!!!!!

Ashley said...

I LOVE the table Melissa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did the chairs come with it? They are darling!

Can't wait to see what you'll do with sweet Tanner's side o' the room :) Can't wait to see that sweet baby boy :) :)

ji said...

LOve the are so crafty..sometimes I feel you have to be crafty to live in that true???? :)

LOVE Macey's cupcake it from know you can't post a cute pic and NOT tell us where you shopped!!!! It's an unspoken blog rule! :)

The Barner Bunch said...

Love the table! Barrett loves his little one (that is currently in our living room). I need another HOUSE to make a play room (ha ha).
I'm excited about seeing Tanner's room too!
Love the birthday invites. We'll try and make it :)