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Friday, October 10, 2008

New outfits!

I'm so excited! 2 outfits I purchased online finally came in today! I paired each outfit with some leggings I already have. I can't wait to take pics of Macey in the onesie for Halloween/Thanksgiving! I LOVE the hot pink and brown dress too!!!

Tonight, we had a Mommy/Daughter night since Da-Da is at the fire station. We ran some errands and I made a poor attempt to create a onesie after I put Macey to sleep. I think it turned out o.k., but I'd much rather let someone else make me a cute onesie! (Hint Hint, Taren and Ashley!)

I took some pics of my piggy hanging out on our clean laundry, (that I needed to put away of course,) and I caught her pulling at her feet. The other pics are the outfits I bought and the last is the onesie I made.
Have a great weekend! Pumpkin Patch pics and my haybell,pumpkin decor outside of our house will be coming soon. I might just have to add a pic of our political sign too... McCain & Palin!!!

The onesie I made!

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HowryFamily said...

what are you talking about?! I love it! :) You really should give yourself more credit!!! LOVE the other 2 outfits to... TOO CUTE!