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Sunday, October 5, 2008


On Saturday, we took a trip down to Canton for First Monday. Needless to say, it was hot, super crowded, and very HARD to push a stroller in between thousands of people! I got Macey a pillow case Christmas dress, hair bows, and pumpkins for the front yard, (pics coming soon.) During our shopping, Miss Macey did great! I took some pics of her w/ her sunhat and her PapPoo carrying her, BUT they're on my phone:( I have no idea how to load them to my computer or post my videos!

I did take some pics of her at my mom's house, with me, and with her Aunt Taylor after we got back!!! Tay was down from Tech and we were excited to get to spend the night with her and dinner at a little Italian restaurant.**Notice the tongue in every pic; she's still chewing on it!

The last pic is Macey waking up from her nap. I've taken advantage of her naps and I've come to appreciate them very much. She's a little more fussy now, wants to be held at all hours, and naps much less. I think her gums are bothering her :(
I'm able to finish this post with her in my lap!!

Looking at the week, I'm already ready for the weekend! On Saturday, I'm hoping to go to the pumpkin patch and take pics. We also have a b-day party to go to, including Pony rides!! Woo hoo! :) On Sunday, I'm hoping for cooler weather so we can all go pig out at the Fair. I'm hoping to get fried cheesecake, fried guacamole, etc. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh! That picture of Macey after her nap is so precious! Maybe we will see you at the fair on Sunday...we are planning on going to consume as much of the food as we can as well. :)

jwhitacre said...

Love the pictures!! I assume Taylor is your sister-you two look so much alike-I'm sure you hear that a lot! :) Have a great week! We unfortunately do not have internet this week b/c we just moved so I can't update my blog- can only check blogs at work-

*Fair day sounds awesome!!! I'm so jealous!! Maybe I can recommend that at our next school board meeting :)