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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

4 months!

Today is Fair Day, so NO school for Mommy! Me and baby are going to stay home ALL day and enjoy the cooler weather! Not to mention, I've spent too much money on and need to save a penny here and there :) I'm excited to post about our daughter though. Sorry for so many pics and rambling!

Miss Macey was 4 months yesterday. Of course, we had our dreaded doc. visit (shots.) Our wonderful pediatrician was so excited to see how much she's grown. She's still petite for her size; NOTE: clothes don't fit her very well still :( Homegirl is up to 13 lbs. though!!
She's rolling from her tummy to her back, talking, laughing, squealing, and now beginning to drool and teethe (spelling?)

I took some pics of her. As you'll see, she's all about her mouth! Her tongue is her new exploration. The girl chews on it like it's a piece of gum. EVERYTHING goes in her mouth, including her clothes, mommy's arm, etc.

I included a pic of her "bun bun," as well. She just got this since we had such a hard day with shots, bless her heart.... One "bun bun" stays at her sitters, and one stays here. She nuzzled up to it while in her swing napping and I was able to snap a pic.

Finally, I added some pics over the last 4 months of her life. She was so tiny in the hospital and I love to see how much she's grown. **The last pic posted is when she was 1 month old. We went through a tough month and then we found out she had a milk allergy. Bless her heart, her little body was a mess during that time.

I can't wait to spend the next couple of months in the cold weather, halloween dress up, Thanksgiving, and CHRISTMAS! I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and close friends and family to share my life with! God bless!!

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jwhitacre said...

What cute pictures!!! I love them! Thanks for the sweet posts! Adoption is an awesome thing-Our little Ella has changed our lives in such amazing ways! And I'm sorry for not catching your 2 stepdaughters-they are beautiful...are they close in age??
I see you work in a school-are you a teacher-I too work in a school -as a school psychologist. I'm a tad jealous of Fair Day-what is it??? I think we need it here in NY though-mommy needs a day off! :)
So nice to meet you!