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Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby's first BOO!

Me and my magical pony had such a good time on Thursday with all of our friends, which included: Mr. Spider (Barrett,) Miss Kitty Kat and BFF, (Emma,) Miss Little Lamb, (Ella,) and our BFF cousin, Miss Strawberry, (Cam Cam.) It was such a fun time to share with everyone!

I got some pics of Macey and her Halloween onesie, "Baby's first Boo." She also is pictured with her friend, Lily. Lily kind of gets on our nerves though :)

On Saturday, I had the girls so we headed off to the fire station to see daddy. We spent most of our day there, lounging around, Macey was stealing kisses from her da-da, whom she can't seem to take her eyes off of, and the girls ran wild.

Sunday, we went to church and I took some pics of Macey with big sister, Haley.

Today, I just finished up Cam's bow holder. What do you think? Cute enough to sell? 20.00 and NO shipping? Pretty good deal, I think :)

I'm looking forward to the weekend. D and I have to plan Kendall's b-day party for Saturday. She's wanting a "Princess" party and a pinata. Fun Stuff! :)

Until the next posting.......


HowryFamily said...

You could EASILY sell them for $20 and free shipping! I'm tellin' ya...canton is calling our names!! :)

I love the pics of Mace and her fire-fighter daddy! precious:)

jwhitacre said...

Very cute pics!! That is so awesome that you have so many babies the same age as Macey around!! We are trying to get my sister, who has a baby 2 months younger than Abbie, to move up from NYC...Abbie so needs a BFF!

LOve the bow holder too!! YOu could def. sell those!!! I'm jealous of how crafty you are!!
Have a good day!
:) Jeannine