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Saturday, December 6, 2008

6 months!

My little baby just turned 6 months on the 30th! We soon followed up her 1/2 b-day with a visit to the doctor for her check-up and shots :(
She's 16 lbs still and is in the 75% for her height. I'm a bad mom because I can't remember how long she was; I do know that she has some long legs though.

That night, her daddy and I fed her GREEN BEANS for the first time! She seemed to enjoy them, but lately, she's been gagging. Who knows! Today, we're trying carrots, soon followed by sweet potatoes!

The pics attached are kind of random. They mostly involve her car seat though! I got some shots of her in her new Yoga pose (as Ashley would say,)on the floor in our living room, watching Handy Manny w/ a little bit of Espanol, hanging out in her car seat with her new pink tobaggon, (we sit in the back seat together; it's our hang out spot,)trying a sippee cup, waiting at the doctor, before/after we got our shots, and our favorite...Our first Christmas tree w/baby!
More decor pics coming soon!

On another note, I'm about to start, "Twilight." I can't wait! I have girls in my classes who are now re-reading it for the 3rd time. UNBELIEVABLE!

Have a great weekend and enjoy a good vampire story~

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