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Sunday, February 1, 2009

8 months/Weekend.

Just a couple of days ago, we were iced in and school was cancelled. Today, it's 71 degrees outside!

We've had some much needed family time this weekend! On Friday, Macey turned 8 months! We also met up with Aunt Taren and Cam for a delicious thai meal! Derrick took the girls to see a movie, and we hung out with our best buddies! The girls did so well while Taren and I ordered:
California Roll
Ginger Salad
Panang Curry w/Chicken, Spinach, and Brocolli w/a side of steamed rice! YUM!!
We then walked over to Hobby Lobby and did some shopping. We ran into Nana and Peepaw and said hi! It was a good night!

Saturday, Macey and I met daddy D for a hamburger inside of Dickeys. Daddy had to mow a customer's yard, so me and Mace then headed home for a nap. For dinner, (I swear I'm half Asian,) we went to our favorite (again, a weekly thing :) Edohana for:
Miso Soup
Ginger Salad
California Roll (no cucumbers :)
D-Call Me Devil Roll- (california roll w/ Salmon & hot and spicy sauce drizzled over)
AND a side of hibachi noodles! YUM YUM YUM!

Today, me and baby girl are alone, so we're going over to Nana and PeePaws to hang out and watch the superbowl commercials!

Have a good week! Aunt Taren's b-day is this Saturday and Valentines is the next weekend!

God bless!

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HowryFamily said...

hahaha half asian:) you're a crackup!