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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day!

We had such a fun V-day! All the babies came over and we had our Valentine boxes where we exchanged Valentines and received some keep sake gifts. I purchased "Love fortune cookies" and the fortune inside said, "God's sweet angel."

For lunch, we enjoyed Chicken Salad on Crouissants, Pink Lemonade, Chips and hot sauce, Amanda's Spinach Dip in a bread bowl with wheat thins, Coconut Cup Cakes, and Taren's Chocolate Fondue with pretzel sticks! The kids played around and we got some pics of all of them together!

Last night, we went to two packed restaurants, so we then headed to El Chico. I think we waited 5 minutes! I wasn't wanting Mexican, but that was o.k.! I just got to sit next to my hubby and hold hands. That's all I wanted!

The last pics are Macey swinging at her Nana's and PeePaws. We're going to try and head out to the park this afternoon!

I'm now looking forward to the MAVS game on Saturday, my 30th b-day in March and SPRING BREAK!!!!!!

If you're off tomorrow, enjoy your day!
Have a great week!


Amanda said...

We had SO MUCH FUN! Just love getting together and having mommy talk while the babies play. Thanks again for throwing such a wonderful party! :)

jwhitacre said...

You guys have the cutest parties!! And of course Macey looks as cute as ever!!

I laughed at your V-day hubby and I (finally minus the children) tried three packed restaurants before we finally decided on Friendly's...knowing there would not be a line!! :) I felt guilty going without the kids!!! :)