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Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break!

We are leaving tomorrow for Austin and San Antonio! I spent all day packing and we have around 5 suitcases! UGH! Derrick said that he's ready for some cerveza and margaritas! I'm a light weight. Maybe I'll drink 1/2 of one of his! :)

Because it's supossed to be 80 degrees, I got baby girl some bathings suits from Old Navy, a St. Patty's Day onesie, and a spring onesie. She modeled one of the bathing suits for me today because I needed to make sure they fit and get them washed. SO cute.

Yesterday, we ate at mom's and I got some pics of Cam and Macey. They didn't bother eachother too much, but they did get around one another just in time for me to take a few snaps.

Because I'm on vacation and in that "mode," I decided to get my nails done! This is the first time to have them done since Macey arrived. I've neglected myself, as you'll see in the pictures, and I've had it! I have about 10 lbs. to lose, nails that need to be manicured, and in desperate need of sun on this pale white skin!

Taylor got her nails done with me, so we took some pics. I'm the pastey white girl, she's the bronzed beauty.

Have a good week! If you need some bebe jeans, I have some listed on Craigslist!

Hanging out while Mommy is on the computer!

French Manicure and Zebra nails!

Hanging out at Nana's house!

Taylor and Casper

Old Navy!

Light Fixture Easter decor!


Taren said...

Okay that is funny, Cam has both of those bathing suits! We have too many that it didn't even register when you said blue one with ruffles up top...guess they will be twinkies at the pool this Summer!

HowryFamily said...

Cuuuute suits!!! :) And your nails look fab... I'm thinking that I need to head and get mine done..hmm. Enjoy your time on vacay!!! We miss you!