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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Gaylord!

This past weekend, us girls headed to the Gaylord to celebrate Taylor's upcoming 21st birthday! We had so much fun driving up to Firewheel where we at lunch at Houlihanns, and got us a bubble tea for the road!

At Gaylord, we checked in and laid out by the pool. Afterwards, we came in to the atrium and saw a TREE LADY!, MONKEY!, and a GOLD COWBOY! It was so much fun! That night, we got dressed and ate at Esparzas! Later, we openend presents, and danced at the Glass Cactus.

I had so much fun, but glad to be back home to my little brown eyed girl!

Back in the day! 2005

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Amanda said...

Looks like you pretty girls had fun! Such good pictures of you all. :)