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Monday, July 13, 2009

July 2009

Over the past month, we've spent so much time as a family and I've enjoyed every minute of it! We recently got landscaping put in, so at night, if you drive by, you'll see Derrick picking weeds, Macey carrying a watering can, or messing up daddy d's pile of weeds. I'm usually sitting on the side walk eating a popsicle, and Mace will come up and get bites every few seconds. During the day, we're probably outside. I love going to the pool and Macey is warming up to the water now.

As our Summer continues, we hope to see our friends as much as possible as well! We recently spent a night with the Cannaday's and had a blast. The kids got to play together and us parents got to enjoy one another. Just us parents went out to Love and War in Texas and we had the best time! That's what life is all about. Family and Friends.

My little Tutti Frutti has so much personality lately. Here are some things I want to take note of:
She can growl with her voice on command :)
Laughs like she's an old woman
Dances when I sing to her
Puts her feet in her mouth on changing table and in car seat
HATES hair bows and anything that deals with me trying to fix her hair
Mocks me when I walk with my legs apart or close together
Points and mumbles at everything

On a side note, she's recently had strep for the 5th time this year, so we're headed to the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist tomorrow.

As the end of July approaches, I'm ready to celebrate Taylor's 21st birthday at Gaylord and becoming an "Aunt" to Colt. Looking toward August, Daddy's birthday is the 6th, Taylor's b-day on the 15th, and the start of school.

Enjoy your week! Happy Summer

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