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Thursday, June 10, 2010

New posts!

Check out my baby girl's b-day post down below!

I have a lot on my mind lately. Now that school is out, I'm able to focus on my daughter, my son, my husband. FAMILY. I've searched for new recipes to cook for them, so I thought I would attach the following pics! Can you believe it!? :) I'm not one to post the things I cook because it's usually just ordinary food, take-out, or simply out to eat. I must change this mindset! I need to create weekly menus, especially beginning in September. My, how things are going to change.......

With all of this being said, I have a heavy heart about the following:
For whatever reason, I feel as if I'm entitled to have whatever it is I desire. I always want more for my kids than for myself. I constantly think about their little rooms I'm wanting to create for them, the cutest onesies I saw, the cutest shoes I saw for her, what I don't have, what I need, if only I could afford this, but oh my, I have to have this! Why does the list continue to go on and on? When is enough, ENOUGH!!!

Just a little venting to the blog world......
Here's my food :)


Cream Cheese covered in Apricot Preserves w/jalepenos & Ritz Crackers
(My Mom's recipe. I crave it daily!)

Chicken Fettucine with Mushrooms


Ashley said...

The new blog is so fun!!! I had to recheck that I came to the right one!!!
First of all... totally know what you mean about more more more. It's been a prayer of mine that I would desire nothing of this world but only things that are eternal...and slow but sure the Lord is changing my heart! Praise Him! So I definitely know what you mean!
Secondly...your food looks SO delicious! I need to try the cream cheese dip... my mouth was drooling looking at the pic!
Loved seeing you today at the pool even if it was for just a second! We sure do miss you guys!

Jo Lynn said...

All of your food looks delish, Melissa! Hope you are feeling well and that baby boy Butler isn't causing you too much discomfort!