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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sleepy head

Over here at our house, having a 2 year old, and moving her to a bigger bed, was a BIG mistake. :)
She's now in and out of our room constantly! We moved her room upstairs, so she's constantly crawling down the stairs, etc. We have now resorted to her sleeping on the floor in our bedroom. This may sound terrible, but she thinks it's a slumber party!

We have told her to not come downstairs. So, this is where we found her.

She rarely takes an afternoon nap now, so this is where we find her.

Sister just got her first hair cut. She just got a trim, and our hair dresser sprayed a strand of pink! My pics are on my other camera, but here are a few I have on my current one.


Catherine said...

We had a terrible time with our daughter and her big girl bed too! It took a month or two and leaving the door open and the hall light on, (after a few nights of us trying to 'lock' her in - AWFUL!!) but she got use to it!

We just bought a teach me time clock from Amazon, its a nightlight that turns green when she can get out of bed, maybe that would help?? Good luck!!

The Chaplins said...

oh my word. that is sweet, but a little sad, too. that is why braxton is still in his crib!!! not sure when we will make the switch. braxton has a clock, too, so he knows when he can call for us to get him out (he won't climb out - funny boy)

good luck!!!!