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Friday, February 4, 2011

4th day

This is the 4th day school has been canceled. I'm not sad about this, but being inside for 4 days can take its toll! :) I did leave for an hour or two yesterday to get my hair done, but that's it. Poor daddy worked in this mess, and was basically up ALL night. Firetruck stuck on ice. NOT GOOD.

So, around here, we've had lots of fires, coffee, popcorn, Nate Berkus, The View, Nick Jr., and hot baths. 
Little sweeties touching feet!

Lastly, have you noticed my blog? I've probably added 10 pictures to it! I love every one of them though. It may be a bit overwhelming, a tad too much, crazy cute, or not blog glam, but I like it. Can you tell I'm going stir crazy? :) I want to jump on this trampoline and scream like a wild woman!

Enjoy your day. I'm about to make a little picnik for Macey and I on the living room floor. ~

OMG. I just spelled PICNIK, like the website. Oops. Picnic.~

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