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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crazy for Turquoise

I am dreaming of turquoise! I've always loved this color, and since Tanner's room has shades of it, I can't get enough. I've always thought darker was better for me. Examples: My living room and kitchen are olive green, halls are warm gold, bathrooms are purple/red, and kids room is red. I'm now starting to lean towards white cabinets, etc. I've found a blog, and I'm in love. Our bedroom has one light blue accent wall and I LOVE it!

Derrick and I have been been dreaming of some land by the lake, and I can't get shades of blue and seashells out of my mind! For more of a subtle change, I'm in love with keeping the walls neutral and painting the ceilings with an accent color.

I'm falling in love.....

Can you imagine an tween girls room like this? I'm seeing two shabby chic twin beds with the drama of turquoise, pink, black, and white. Heaven :)

Off to the pool now. Have a great day!

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Jo Lynn said...

Melissa, I, too, love turquoise! I have zero blue in my house, but if/when I redo things, I'm thinking of incorporating a little turquoise. Are you getting sooo excited? It seems like just yesterday that I read you were pregnant...and now you only have TWO months left!!!!! Yay for you!!