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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Time!

It's been such a fun summer so far! I've loved being home with my baby girl and we've lived it up at the pool! That basically sums up our summer thus far! Swimming!!!

Since I've been home, I've been able to do some blog reading too and I've found SO many blogs that have inspired me to DIY! I've spent a lot less money just finding some things around the house to use! Most of these projects have made it into Macey and Tanner's room. One side is her play room, one side is his nursery. I ordered his bedding online from Etsy and used most of everything else from Macey. Just spray paint it and sand! His room is a bit floral and feminine, but I figure I can get away with it right now :) I added some touches of leopard, so that makes him manly, right? :) There's plenty of time for all of the camo, monkeys, trucks, etc. :)

DIY: I made two rag wreaths, and a burlap wreath for Tanner. For our bedroom, I used one of my dishes I bought for Macey's b-day to display some pretty bling :) I've been so inspired by all of the shabby chic blogs I've come upon. I wish I could build a house, and start over with new colors of paint, etc. Nesting is getting dangerous!! :)

I'm currently working on Drop Cloth Canvas Curtains for his room (idea from Vanilla Tulip) to close off his room during the day or night. These are 6x9 feet for 9.99 a piece. Perfect size for what we're looking to enclose. I will probably add some white rosette strands to dress them up. Pics coming soon!

Lastly, I've used Picnik and Picasa to edit some pics. Spent most of my day doing so!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I'm 7 months pregnant and he's 2 lbs. so far! He kicks so hard! I only have some minor pregnancy complaints (heartburn, and anemia.) I'm on some extra iron, and I'm already feeling better.
Little boy's estimated weight for September: 7 1/2 lbs. I've got some blankets for him and some sweet little onesies for his sweet body. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

In our bedroom: Jewelry Display

Tanner's Room!

Tanner's burlap wreath

Macey's rag wreath

Playroom wreath

I love this picture! I just ordered an 8x10!


Amanda said...

Oh Melissa! I love everything you have been doing!!! The wreaths and Tanner's room look GREAT. Can't wait to meet that sweet boy!!! :)

The Barner Bunch said...

Cute decor! I love it all. better prepare yourself for little BOYS! They're awesome...and I can't wait for you to experience it all again (BOY STYLE).
Call me if you need anything.
Meanwhile...when Tanner out for the automatic "sprays"!!! You'll learn that fast!!!

The Cottage Mama said...

I love your wreaths - so fun and festive! The colors you have chosen are fabulous! You are one crafty Mama :-)

Have a great day,