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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Deer heads

Since we've purchased land, I'm so consumed with ideas and thoughts about decor for the kids rooms. My little sis has a deer head with glitter antlers. I'm in love! I'm wanting more of a rustic theme. I'm thinking a cozy and warm cabin feel, with white, white, and more white. White beds, white trim, white chipped furniture with hints of blues, pinks, browns, and black.

Here are the deer heads I love! I wish I could afford these! Maybe I can find some in Canton with glitter!

Found here!


Taren said...
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Taren said...

The posting below really makes me trash digger you!! I can just see you tip-toeing down there in the dark and her watching you out the window.

The Chaplins said...

you should make your own! you're crafty.