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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Show us your Singles-Kellys Korner

Show Us Your Singles! Kelly's Korner

This post is for my childhood friend. I'm praying that she doesn't mind me advertising for her! :)

Carmony is 31 yrs.old, and from a small town in Texas, where she cheered in high school, and went on to college and graduate from Texas A&M! She is currently in medical sales and has ALWAYS been successful at what she does. She's a hard worker, sophisticated, charming, and has a precious mom, and one older brother. She tragically lost her father after we graduated from high school.

A little about her personality!.... She is a loving person, and is ready to settle down and begin a life with someone. She hates the "going out" scene, and who can blame her! She's extremely witty, and funny. At first, she may seem reserved, and needs someone who can open her up, and "hang" with her sense of humor. She's a good combination of sophistication, yet doesn't forget where she came from :)

What she's looking for in someone else (in no particular order!).... Educated, trustworthy, ambitious, athletic, loving, christian, nurturing, and can maybe two-step to some good ole' country songs!

If you think you know of someone who fits the description above, and will be appreciative of someone like her, please leave a comment or e-mail me at:


Tiffany said...

She's darling!! I'm a Texas the Austin area, so I'll keep my ears open for a worthy suitor. :)

Laura Alice said...

This is so random as I was just looking around on Kelly's post, but I think Carmony's from my hometown! (I won't write it on here for anonymitys sakes, but it's south of Dallas!)

I'm in the process of "pimping" out one of my good friends on Kelly's blog too!